Home Screen

1.The Samsung Link connection is frequently disconnected from a specific network. Is this a problem with the AP?

For some wired and wireless APs, although there is no problem using the Internet, the Samsung Link connection may not be provided properly.
For the APs in the following list, please go to the website of the listed manufacturer and upgrade the firmware.

* D-Link: http://www.dlink.com/

2.Where are the files displayed on the home screen saved?

Only the contents of the folders specified in each device and for each storage service are imported. The default path is as follows.
You can modify/add paths for your PC under [Settings] > [Registered device] in the top-right of the website.
1) PC
- Photos: C:\Users\(username)\My Photos
- Music: C:\Users\(username)\My Music
- Videos: C:\Users\(username)\My Videos
- All Files: C:\Users\(username)\My Documents
2) Mobile device
- Photos: sdcard
- Music: sdcard
- Videos: sdcard
- All Files: sdcard\files
3) Storage Service
- Photos: Samsung Link\Photos
- Music: Samsung Link\Music
- Videos: Samsung Link\Videos
- All Files: Samsung Link\Files
Files are automatically categorized and arranged by file type, into [Photos], [Music], and [Videos]. You can find document files under [Files].

3.What operations can I do with my files?

In Samsung Link, you can perform the following file operations.
1) Play a file.
2) Play a file on a remote device.
3) Transfer a file between devices.
4) Upload a file to a storage service.
5) Transfer a file to a friend's device.
6) Upload a file to a web services.

4.I cannot find the file I want.

Samsung Link loads and shows the files in the specified folder.

5.Is it possible to select folders under [File]?

In Samsung Link, you can select files only. To select all the files in a folder, use the 'Select all' feature.
However, in this case, the sub folders and the files in the sub folders are not selected.

6.Can I move up to the upper folder under [File]?

You can only access the higher level folder of the path set as the default path through the [Files] menu of the device that is being connected to Samsung Link.

7.Can I change the path to load a file?

The PC loads only the multimedia files in the folder specified as the default folder when the PC is registered. You can add or change the folders in the [Settings].
However, you can add or change folders only when you are connected to Samsung Link on the corresponding PC. You can add up to 10 folders.

8.What are the multimedia file formats supported by Samsung Link and displayed in the Samsung Link list?

The multimedia file formats supported by Samsung Link for each device are as follows.
1) Photo
- PC: .bmp .gif .jpg .png
- Mobile device: .gif .jpg .png
2) Music
- PC: .aac .mp3 .wav .wma
- Mobile device: .mp3
3) Video
- PC: .asf .avi .m1v .m2ts .m4v .mov .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .qt .vob .wmv
- Mobile device: .mp4
- TV/Bluray Player/BD-HDD: .avi .mkv .asf .wmv .mp4 .3gp .vro .mpg .mpeg .ts .tp .trp .mov .divx .flv .vob .svi .m2ts .mts .webm
* In case of TV/Blu-ray Player/BD-HDD, supported extensions may vary slightly depending on the product specifications.

9.On the content list, I see some photos that are not saved in my PC.

Please check the folder path for importing PC content under [Settings] > [Registered device].