Using Nearby devices

1.What are peripherals?

Peripherals are devices that support DLNA and connect to the same network as the devices you are using.

2.What is the difference between AllShare and Samsung Link?

Samsung Link is a service with improved content playback.
AllShare only supports sharing content between peripherals and devices connected to the same network. Through the Samsung Link registration process, however, you can remotely use devices in different networks as long as they are connected to the Internet.

3.Where are the files downloaded from peripherals saved?

They are saved in the folder specified in Settings. The folder is the same as the one where content is imported through Samsung Link.

4.What does “block/allow” mean?

It means whether to share files between your devices and peripherals. If you block a device, file sharing with the device is disabled
Even after being blocked, the device might still be displayed on the peripheral list, but you do not need to worry because content is not shared.

5.Where can I set up peripherals?

If you click the Samsung Link icon in the taskbar notification area of your PC, you can see the [Peripheral Connection Settings] menu.
In that menu, you can specify folders to share with peripherals and allow or block file sharing with peripherals.

6.I keep getting an alert in the taskbar notification area of my PC that a peripheral has been found. Can I block this alert?

Alerts no longer appear for devices once you allow or block them.
Currently, it is not possible to block all alerts.

7.I’d like to use the nearby device feature, but my mobile devices do not show up in a search as nearby devices.

You must set up your mobile devices first
- Galaxy S III
Go to [Settings] > [More settings] > [Wireless and network] > [Nearby devices] and turn on [File sharing].
- Galaxy S & Galaxy S II
Go to [Start AllShare] > [Settings] > [Upload from Another Device] and select [Always Allow] or [Always Ask].